Fighting Words: What is Going On With Tyron Woodley And Colby Covington?

Since 2017, Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington have been involved in a war of words with one another. This was during a time when Woodley was UFC Welterweight Champion. Now, both on the outside looking in, the welterweights may be interested in settling their rivalry in the octagon.

It just depends on if both fighters can agree to a date.

Covington (15-2), a former interim UFC Welterweight Champion, reignited the flames of their rivalry when he posted a picture of a bout agreement between the two. It was meant for August 22 but Woodley appeared to decline the offer. Covington stated to MMA Junkie that he was offered the contract to fight last week (July 9) and that Woodley’s team was looking to accept it. It was later discovered that Woodley declined the fight.

“Why is he not ready to go in August?” Covington stated. “He just told his manager… Malki Kawa at First Round Management, that he wanted to fight Colby last week. We were supposed to fight. He gave his verbal confirmation to the UFC. I gave my verbal confirmation. I signed the contract. Why is he not showing up now? He’s been talking all that s**t saying I ducked him, this, that. He’s the only one that’s ever ducked me. I’ve never ducked him.

“The one time I couldn’t fight him because I had to get nose surgery… Let’s talk about the time I scared him into elective shoulder surgery… That guy’s got nothing, he’s a 50-50 fighter. If he can’t get an easy fight, of course he’s going make excuses, and that’s exactly what he’s doing again.”

After losing to Warlley Alves at UFC 194 in 2015, Covington went on to seven-fight win streak, winning the interim UFC Welterweight Title in the process. He also gained a controversial persona that made him marketable. “Chaos'” last fight was in December, losing to champion Kamaru Usman via TKO at UFC 245.

Woodley (19-5-1) has since responded to Covington, telling ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that he didn’t expect Woodley to go through with the contract. He was deemed not ready to compete and wanted to give it a few more months.

“My answer to whether I would fight Colby is eternally yes,” Woodley stated. “At 96 years old in a nursing home it’s yes! He said no six times and now creates a date that works for him? F***k out of here.”

“I literally treated it like every other bluff and told them quit contacting me until this b**ch signed a bout agreement,” Woodley said via text. “Never thought he would sign. September/October, I’ll get around to exterminating that roach. Let me call the UFC and see what’s crackin.”

A former Strikeforce competitor, Woodley made his UFC debut in 2013. He beat Robbie Lawler for the UFC Welterweight Title in 2016 and defended it four times. “The Chosen One” lost the title to Usman at UFC 235. A collegiate wrestler, Woodley last fought in May, losing to Gilbert Burns via unanimous decision, his second loss in a row.

With other contenders looking to make their mark in the welterweight division, Woodley and Covington will look to prove they are still options to fight for gold. Settling a score is one way of doing so.

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