Boxer Kenneth Egano Dies from A Brain Hemorrhage After Collapsing In The Ring

22-year-old Filipino boxer Kenneth Egano passed away after being in a coma for four days as a result of a brain hemorrhage following his fight with Jason Falcurin.

According to reports, Egano had been competing on Manny Pacquiao’s ‘Blow-by-Blow’ TV program.

The aim of the show is to showcase the best fighters from the Philippines, something which Pacquiao had managed to do by becoming an eight-division champion.

But as part of that process, Egano fell down in the ring after the fight in which he was announced the winner via decision.

The video footage captured shows that he was not able to stand without assistance. He was subsequently seated and provided with an oxygen mask.

Afterwards, Egano was immediately taken to the Imus Doctors Hospital. In response, Pacquiao reportedly agreed to foot the bill for all medical expenses.

Unfortunately, he passed away after four days. Numerous people from the boxing community and fans alike came out to pay their respects during this difficult period.


“I didn’t expect that this will happen when we did our best. Why did it happen to us? Sorry that it happened. I hope you’re in a good place,” Falcurin

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