Five Years After Last Fight, Georges St-Pierre Is ‘Free’ From UFC Contract

He last fought at UFC 217 against Michael Bisping.

Georges St-Pierre has just confirmed that he is no longer under a UFC contract, having last made his appearance inside the octagon in November 2017 where he beat Michael Bisping on his comeback and became the middleweight champion.

“I don’t know the exact date, but I’m glad I’m free,” he told MMA Junkie. “I can do whatever I want. But my days of trying to prove I’m the strongest guy in the world are gone, you know what I mean?”

The contract was seemingly extended due to a change in promotional agreements of the organization.

The former two-division UFC champion is still in sublime shape as he keeps his fans updated with his workouts on social media. The Canadian star can often be seen taking ice baths, running and doing calisthenics in his Instagram videos.

However, he is not interested in competing as a professional martial artist.

GSP is considered one of the greatest welterweights of all time. He previously held the UFC welterweight title and defended it nine consecutive times. He ended his career in 2017 on a 13-fight winning streak.

“I could do something, but it needs to be something well organized, and maybe something where the risks of injury are to the minimum, not something that’s too crazy because my days of competing are over,” GSP said.

“If I do it, I will do it well and train my ass off. You never say never, but it needs to be at the right time. We’ll see.”

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