Floyd Mayweather: Boxing Left Me Mentally Damaged

Floyd Mayweather Jr. admits that boxing has taken its toll on him. 

Mayweather retired from the sport with a 50-0 record, making over a billion dollars from ventures inside and outside the ring. While that may be the case, Mayweather has not had it all his way. His uncle Roger Mayweather passed away following a battle with dementia. Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., also deals with memory issues. Mayweather has admitted that he has taken steps to avoid suffering from neurological damage, which has started to impact the boxer.

“The memory loss could be from boxing, or it could be something that runs in the family. For example, my uncle Roger (Mayweather), it got really bad for him, so I ended up hiring someone to take care of him, and the same thing is happening to my dad (Floyd Sr.). It might be something genetic in the family. Even I feel that mentally I’m not 100 percent like before. I like to do different exercises, puzzles, word games, to keep my mind healthy,” Floyd Mayweather Jr. said


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