Floyd Mayweather Defeats Oscar De La Hoya With Decision Win – May 5, 2007 (This Day In Boxing History)

The fight that made Floyd Mayweather a superstar happened 15 years ago today.

Mayweather solidified his defensive skills, effective – and sometimes frustrating – hit-and-run tactics and newfound villainous persona against Oscar De La Hoya. And while Mayweather was booed for some of his gimmicks, other people were buying it.

Even the build-up to the fight was something that was never done before. HBO ran a De La Hoya-Mayweather fight that showed the behind the scenes of both fighters’ training camps. It aired on Sunday nights.

During the fight, Mayweather made it difficult for De La Hoya to land an accurate punch on him. De La Hoya tallied 587 punches to Mayweather’s 481, but Mayweather landed 43% of his punches to De La Hoya’s 21%.

Mayweather walked away with a split-decision victory, adding to his still perfect 50-0 record.

De La Hoya still left that night with $52 million to Mayweather’s $25, which was the biggest payday at the time.

Both have been called one of the greatest fighters in boxing history, and now both head their respective boxing promotions.

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