Floyd Mayweather-Don Moore To Have Only 20 Tickets For Sale

When you hear the name Floyd Mayweather, you expect hype and anticipation across an event.

Unfortunately for the now retired boxer, his highly anticipated return is set to have only 20 tickets available to the public. “Money” will be returning to the boxing ring for an exhibition event on May 14. His opponent will be a former pro-boxer Don Moore.

The fight will be on a helipad located on top of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

As mad as the location seems to be, it is pretty much common sense that a helipad won’t be able to fit a massive crowd. Therefore, the organizers have come to a decision that they will only release 20 tickets for the fight between Mayweather and Moore.

The tickets have been released in the form of NFT, and you can purchase them from rarible.com. Mayweather has also shared this news on his social media accounts.

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