Floyd Mayweather Has Plans To Own An NBA Team

Floyd Mayweather wants to own a basketball team.

But not just any basketball team, Mayweather is looking to buy an NBA team. The retired boxer hasn’t revealed which he’d purchase, but he hinted that it’s in the works.

“I can’t say exactly where, but I’m working on getting a team,” Mayweather said at a recent press conference.

Mayweather has been seen at a number of NBA games like in Los Angeles and Miami.

The 45-year-old already owns a NASCAR racing team, “The Money Team Racing,” which debuted earlier this year at Daytona 500.

He is coming off an exhibition bout in May, which he won smoothly. There was no official scoring, but midway through the fight, he started dancing with the ring girls.

Mayweather already has his next event planned. He will return to Japan to face MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura.

On Wednesday, YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul called out Mayweather for not paying him for their exhibition bout last June. Paul said he is due about $5 million.

Mayweather played in the NBA’s celebrity All-Star game in 2008.

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