Floyd Mayweather To Face Reality TV Star In February Exhibition Bout In London

Mayweather last defeated YouTuber Deji in an exhibition match.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has got another exhibition bout coming this way in February but it won’t be against his probable opponent Liam Harrison.

Instead, the retired 50-0 boxing legend will reportedly face reality TV star and former MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers, reports have said.

Mayweather has his eyes set on a ring debut in the UK this spring. The American boxer never fought in Britain during his professional career but announced on his social media on Friday that this wait will be finally over.

‘The Money’ declared that he will be taking on former kickboxing world champion Liam Harrison on February 25 at the O2 Arena in London.

The boxing legend uploaded the poster out of the blue, taking fans (and Harrison) by surprise quoting, ‘“London February 25, It’s official. My first exhibition fight in the UK will be at the O2 Arena. Tickets go on sale next week. Stay Tuned!!”

But it seems he was forced to look into other options as Leeds-born Harrison has excused himself from taking part in the scheduled fight.

“Many of you will have seen the announcement this morning about my fight against Floyd Mayweather,” Harrison wrote.

“Devastatingly, my knee just won’t allow it. Discussions about the fight started a few days ago with the Mayweather team and I honestly thought I would be ok in a boxing fight, even with needing surgery on my knee.

Harrison who spent most of his life practicing Muay Thai, has barred himself from the event taking into account his health scars.

“I upped my training as soon as discussions started and had some hard sparring and pads but almost immediately my knee had ballooned up and I can’t walk. Hitting pads is fine but the movement and agility needed to spar and especially fight just isn’t possible.

“My surgeon is in agreement that this won’t be possible and I am absolutely heartbroken. This fight and everything that would have come with it would have changed my life.” Harrison added.

Interestingly, if that fight did happen, it was going to collide with another blockbuster clash between two social media personalities featuring Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. The Paul-Fury fight is set to take place on the same date in Saudi Arabia with the main events starting around the same time as UK main events do.

“I was originally supposed to face a different opponent, but injuries happen and I’m glad that Chalmers could step up so that we could give the fans what they want,” Mayweather told reporters Monday.

“The fans in the UK have always been great to me and supported me throughout my career, so an event like this has been a long time coming. I’m excited to add more history to the O2 Arena in London.”

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