Floyd Mayweather Toys With YouTube Star Deji Before Stopping Him In The Sixth Round

Mayweather added another exhibition win to his resume.

Everyone knew the outcome of the exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Youtuber star Deji, even before the two entered the ring.

Mayweather put away the YouTuber without much hassle.

The former undefeated boxer was seen often teasing and showboating amid the fight since he was not facing much resistance from the other end.

At one point, he even asked the spectators to root for Deji. In the sixth round, Mayweather had seemingly seen enough and decided to go all in with a flurry of punches.

The referee then jumped in to stop the contest and the former champ walked away with another exhibition win.

Apart from the win, the other taking point of the event was the one hook with which Deji caught Mayweather. It was when the former pro was at ease and Deji checked him with a right hook that left the 45-year-old with a black eye.

Deji said he was proud to leave that mark on one of the greatest boxers to have lived.

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