Floyd Mayweather Unveils New VR Program

Floyd Mayweather adds another business to his expanding “retirement” portfolio, as he ventures into the world of Virtual Reality.

Mayweather gave a demonstration at this years Consumer Electronics Show in his adopted hometown of Las Vegas, on Wednesday. Mayweather unveiled a VR headset and application entitled the Mayweather Boxing +Fitness Virtual Reality Program.”

The application combines exercises and regimens from  Mayweather’s personal training. The experience will become available at his tech-enabled gyms, of which the flagship is opening later this month in Los Angeles.

“It has virtual Floyd teaching you first how to throw a punch in the right way, taking you through different punch combinations, teaching you how to duck, bob, and weave, and essentially coaching you throughout that workout, all the while getting a cardio, high intensity workout,” said James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing +Fitness.

Set up in a makeshift ring, Mayweather swatted the air as he tried out the new piece of technology. The program features a Mayweather avatar that users fight against.

“By the time this reaches everyone at home and when they come to the gym, it’s going to be amazing,” said Mayweather.

The program is in its preliminary stages and will only be available first at Mayweather boxing gyms. Williams and Mayweather hope to add 50 other boxing personalities you can fight against, not just Floyd. There will also eventually be an iOS app that will be able to monitor heart rate, show calories burned and track performance where users can do this from their own home.

“Floyd’s incredibly good about giving his input both on what the overall programming should be as well as what the character development should be and how his brand should fit in with a virtual reality product,” Williams added.


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