Football Ace Frank Gore Loses Boxing Debut Against Deron Williams

San Francisco 49ers legend Frank Gore won the hearts of the boxing community despite losing to former NBA star Deron Williams in Tampa on Saturday night.

Gore and Williams featured as an undercard of the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fight. The 38-year-old football legend put up a sublime display for someone who was making his boxing debut in an arena brimming with fans.

Williams was declared the winner via the split decision of 38-37 Williams, 38-37 Gore, 40-35 Williams.
This doesn’t take anything away from Gore, who is willing to continue with his new career.

Before Saturday, the football legend revealed what prompted him to quit his NFL career and don a pair of gloves instead.

“My team got the calls during training camp from football teams trying to get me to come up. I had something planned with my family — my stepson was going to play his first college game at Wisconsin,” Gore said.

“I was back and forth, and I never felt like that about football. If someone said you want to do this — especially on the football field — I would jump up and do it. But I wasn’t sure, and I felt that if I had that in my mind, and couldn’t give the team 110 percent, I didn’t want to do it.

“I had to go to Wisconsin. That decision not to go to the camps was based on what my family was planning, but I also was enjoying boxing. And being around the people in this gym, made it feel like a team. Even though the guys and girls are way ahead of me skill wise, they always bring me along. They challenge me. They wanted to see good and help me. They’re my team, and I was enjoying it.

“I decided to take this fight because of my indecision around football. I’ve been around boxing for a long time, more than 12 years, dating back to when I was playing for the 49ers. Where I train these days, there’s a boxing gym upstairs, and I used to go up there. With a lot of new stuff with the celebrity boxing — what Jake Paul is doing –I felt I could do it if I wanted to do it.”

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