For ‘Bruised,’ Halle Berry Suffered Broken Ribs And Faces Lawsuit From Cat Zingano

Filming wasn’t as smooth as most movies go for Halle Berry.

Halle Berry told Jimmy Kimmel on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday that during the filming of “Bruised,” which she stars in and made her directorial debut, UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko broke two of her ribs.

Shevchenko stars in the film as the rival of Berry’s character, Jackie Justice. Shevchenko didn’t want to make genuine physical contact, Berry said, but the award-winning actress insisted, and the UFC champion broke her ribs.

“Bruised” follows Jackie who is a disgraced MMA fighter towards the end of her career. In a rollercoaster journey, she fights for her career and her son back.

“Bruised” debuted in-select theaters on November 17 and will hit Netflix on November 24.

Meanwhile, Berry faces another fighter, but this time it’s in court.

Cat Zingano sued Berry, Bruised Film Productions LLC, Thunder Road Film Productions Inc. And Romulus Entertainment LLC on August 16 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Zingano claims she missed an important UFC fight to star in “Bruised” at Berry’s request in 2019.

“Berry told Zingano that Zingano inspired Berry and that Zingano had to be in the film,” the suit states. “Berry concluded the meeting by telling Zingano not to make any plans because production of the film needed to start soon.”

The allegation continues saying that after Zingano turned down the fight, the organization released her in August 2019. Later the same month, Berry allegedly took back the offer, saying only UFC fighters can appear in the film.

“Although these events took place two years ago, Zingano filed this suit recently to cash in on the film’s Netflix release on Nov. 24 …,” Berry’s lawyers write in their court papers.

Zingano did not state what her damages are and “improperly seeks punitive damages,” according to attorneys for Berry.

Zingano is now signed with Bellator.

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