Foreman: ‘I Just Can’t See Joshua Beating’ Fury

Over the past few weeks, there has been a call for Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury to face off against one another. Both Fury (30-0-1) and Joshua (23-1) have talked about meeting together to sign a contract. As a result, several boxing entities have imagined what it would be like for both to fight one another.

George Foreman, the former lineal heavyweight champion, spoke with IFL TV about the ability of both fighters. When it comes to who has the ultimate advantage, Foreman favored the current lineal champion.

“That boy Tyson Fury, you’re gonna have to bring everything you’ve got to beat him,” Foreman stated, via Boxing Scene. “And I’m going to be honest with you, I just can’t see Joshua beating him. But I sure would buy some tickets to see what would happen, I’m that curious about it.”

One of the issues surrounding a potential Fury-Joshua fight is the idea that Joshua’s fight against Kubrat Pulev and Fury’s trilogy fight against Deontay Wilder might be scrapped. Wilder (42-1-1) is looking to avenge a February loss in which Fury won via TKO in the seventh. The third fight between the two was moved to October 3 before getting delayed again to November or December at the latest. Wilder is currently healing from biceps surgery.

After the loss, Wilder blamed the costume he wore to the ring, saying it was too heavy. Foreman has recently said he would help Wilder, and the latter is looking into taking some advice from the Hall of Famer. Besides giving some fight advice, Foreman wants to make sure Wilder takes out all the excuses he can think of. The focus should just be on what he can do and not the factors surrounding the fight, something he can relate it.

“When I lost to Muhammad Ali in Africa all those years back, the ropes were loose, someone put something in my water, it was too early in the morning – oh, the excuses went on,” Foreman went on to say.

“You’ve got to have excuses when you lose, especially when you’re undefeated. You can’t just say, ‘I lost.’ You can’t say that! And that’s gravity, that’s putting yourself solidly down to make an excellent comeback. He can come back and he can win again, easily. All fighters can.”

How do you think Fury would do against Joshua?

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