Former Champ Guillermo Rigondeaux Endures Serious Eye Injuries

Guillermo Rigondeaux has suffered a severe blow in the form of a pressure cooker bursting incident. The two-time Olympic gold medalist and former 122-pound champion has badly injured his eyes while cooking in the kitchen.

According to the reports, both the corneas of Rigondeaux were burnt when a cooker exploded, and the boiling hot water fell into his eyes and chest. It all happened while the boxer was cooking beans in his Miami home.

He was rushed to the Kendall Regional Medical Center, where the doctors injected his eyes with anesthesia and bandaged them.

The Cuba native initially lost 80% of his vision but he can now see sunlight and shadows, which shows that he is recovering.

Rigondeaux was scheduled to fight in August, but it is doubtful as he is still undergoing the healing process.

The doctors who are treating the boxer are quite hopeful that he will regain all of his vision soon as both the cornea and macula of his eyes are safe from any major injury.

Osvaldo Nordelo, who has been treating the 41-year-old for a decade, is quite positive and confident about his condition.

“I left his house and I can attest to Rigondeaux’s tremendous improvement. It’s not that he’s lost so much of his vision, but it’s more of his ability to withstand the intensity of lights,” the doctor said.

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