Former Cop Chris Daukaus Shares His Thoughts On Cain Velasquez Case

Cain Velasquez remains in jail and is facing an attempted murder charge.

The former UFC heavyweight champion was reportedly involved in a car chase where he wanted to hunt down a man, Henry Goularte, who is accused of molesting a young relative of his.

Even though Velasquez reportedly pulled the trigger on the vehicle that carried Goularte, the bullets hit his stepfather instead.

Since the American athlete got arrested, many fighters have come out in support of him, such as Israel Adesanya and Colby Covington.

With the support incoming, Chris Daukaus offered some constructive insight into the Velasquez case. Daukaus previously worked as a law-enforcement officer in Philadelphia for more than a decade.

Due to his experience, the former cop has a complete understanding of the justice system.

But Daukaus also knows that the No. 9 ranked UFC heavyweight is a father.

As a result, even though he understands that Velasquez needs to be punished for breaking the laws, he doesn’t want to convict the American from the morality standpoint.

“As a father and a fighter, I can completely understand where he is coming from,” Daukaus said. “I cannot justify the fact that he hit the wrong person but I can understand his emotions.”

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