Former Glory Champion gets Death Threat

"I'll shoot you" was one of the things posted on Social Media.

Murthel Groenhart is the 2012 K-1 World MAX World Championship tournament champion and the former Glory Welterweight Champion.

Murthel Groenhart in a suit at a press conference
Groenhart is no stranger to extreme racism.                                                                                 Photo credit: Glory Kickboxing.


Groenhart recently revealed screenshots of the threats he received on social media. “I don’t know who this person is, but he probably has a problem with me as a person”, Groenhart writes.

The anonymous attacker threats to kill Groenhart by shooting, and he goes after the family of Groenhart too. Loads of racist and abusive remarks were posted, and Groenhart decided to bring it out in the open.

The Groenharts   are no strangers to racism: in 20219, the mother of Groenhart was assaulted verbally in a supermarket, and among other things told to leave the country.

You can read more about the incidents at – links opens up a new tab/window.

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