Former Mike Tyson Foe Makes Grim Prediction For Roy Jones Jr. Fight

One former foe of Mike Tyson’s has a dark prediction for the showdown with Roy Jones Jr.

Tyson is scheduled to collide with Jones in an eight-round boxing exhibition fight. The bout is scheduled to take place on November 28. There will be no judges and if a fighter suffers a cut, the fight will be stopped.

There is much anticipation for this bout. Tyson has insisted that he won’t let up despite the fact that this is an exhibition bout and he expects Jones to bring that same intensity. Jones has said that he’s aware that this could very well be the old story of “David vs. Goliath.”

Both men appear to be in top-notch shape going into their bout. In terms of predictions, many have unsurprisingly given the power advantage to Tyson and the edge in speed to Jones. During their primes, Tyson ruled as a heavyweight while Jones was showcasing his flash as a middleweight and light-heavyweight. Jones did capture the WBA Heavyweight Title but it was never his natural weight class.

While some believe Tyson vs. Jones will be competitive, Danny Williams has a different take. Williams, who defeated Tyson back in 2004, told The Sun that he feels “Iron” Mike may do significant harm to Jones.

“I think Roy is going to get seriously hurt. He is a natural middleweight.”

Tyson vs. Jones was initially set to take place on September 12. The fight was pushed back to November 28 after Tyson’s team felt it would be better to market the fight with more time. Jones expressed his gripes over the change but he was satisfied with the new terms of his deal.

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