Former MMA Fighter To Be Punished For Alleged Drug Raid In Philippines

He is accused of conducting business online.

Former MMA fighter Slotty Avila is set to undergo charges in the Philippines.

The reports suggested that the country’s drug enforcement agency had caught the former fighter red-handed as they arrested him earlier this month.

According to the reports shared by Cebu Daily News, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) was informed about a potential drug trafficking operation conducted by Avila.

After a month of investigation, PDEA applied for a search warrant so they could checkout the residence of the 34-year-old.

According to the reports, the authorities captured half a kilogram of shabu and a variety of packaging materials from Avila’s house. Shabu is the South Asian name for methamphetamine. PDEA director Levi Ortiz discussed all the captured items in an interview with CNN.

“Someone informed us that this person is involved in the selling of shabu and he is using the packaging of the courier service so that no one would suspect about what he was delivering,” Ortiz said. “The shabu is also delivered here through courier service.”

Apparently, the Filipino-born fighter conducted his business by communicating with customers online before delivering the shabu. It was supplied by a source that was yet to be identified by the authorities.

Despite capturing half a kilogram of the drug from Avila’s house, PDEA believes that the additional packaging material indicates that the former fighter received considerable stock on delivery before distributing it himself.

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