Former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley Thinks He Was Winning The Jake Paul Rematch Until..

Tyron Woodley has made several cameo appearances in Hollywood and has already dropped a few tracks under his own label in the past.

But recently the 40-year-old revealed that he was busy shooting for Cobra Kai season five – the first of his many high-profile projects – when the opportunity for a rematch with Jake Paul came knocking on his door. Woodly seized the opportunity and squeezed in a few hours for training in between this film hustle.

“I had two weeks to get ready and I was filming 14-hour days,” Woodley told MMA Fighting.

“When I wrap up on set of Cobra Kai, I was training at 3:00 in the morning for the Jake Paul fight. Then get up, film all day again and then they let my coach come on set so we could train in between if I didn’t have a scene.”

Even before the fight week, ‘The Chosen One’ was engaged filming his part and had to take an emergency flight to Florida where he was scheduled for the media appearances with the ‘Problem Child’ Paul.

“I had to do it. I committed to that so I can’t pull out,” he said.

“So, on Thursday at 2am and they still haven’t filmed my part but I committed to the film. I’ve got to continue to film. Friday, I was supposed to be in Tampa.”

However, things didn’t go very well for the former champion, who was brutally knocked out in the sixth round when Paul face planted him to the canvas with the powerful overhead right.

Woodley believes he could have done a lot better if had got more time to train but still has no regrets and actually feels like he was dominating the rematch until he was caught with a good shot by Paul.

“I was winning the fight. I was bullying him. I was walking him down,” he claimed.

“He looked to be tired. He threw a punch at the same time I dropped my hands. I never, ever let myself make that mistake, I [just] left my hand down. That’s all that was.”

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