Former UFC Champion Anthony Pettis Announces Free Agency Status

After being under the Zuffa banner for over a decade, Anthony Pettis is testing free agency.

Pettis has competed under Zuffa since June 2009 when he fought for WEC. Once the WEC talent merged with the UFC, Pettis made his debut for the world’s top MMA promotion in June 2011. Along his journey, Pettis became a WEC and UFC Lightweight Champion. It appears he is now saying his goodbyes in favor of a new chapter.

Just a few days after his unanimous decision victory over Alex Morono at UFC Vegas 17, Pettis announced that he is now a free agent.

“Wow, what a wild ride!

Almost 12 years with this company and so many amazing memories. From winning my first world title in the WEC at 23 gears old to becoming the UFC world Champion at 26 in my hometown! From being on MTV to the cover of the Wheaties box, I am forever grateful for everything I have experienced and accomplished with this company!!!

Dana – thank you for everything you have done for me. I was just a kid from the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a big dream. You helped me turn that dream into a reality. THANK YOU!!!
Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, Reed Harris, Sean Shelby, Dave Sholler, and Burt Watson, you have helped me and impacted my life and career in countless ways. I will be forever thankful. Everyone at the PI, you helped me take my game to the next level! Everyone that works behind the scenes, I am so grateful for your tireless work, especially on the road, you have no idea how much you are appreciated. Thank YOU!!!

Last and most importantly the UFC fans …thank you!!! You gave me energy in every fight. I hope I have been able to show you that ANYTHING is possible. I am excited about my future in this sport. I promise I am not done.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.”

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