Former UFC Champion Brandon Moreno Temporarily Stepping Back From MMA – “The Results Just Aren’t There, And It’s Very Frustrating”

Former flyweight UFC titleholder Brandon Moreno has announced that he will take a temporary step back from MMA, but has been clear that he is not retiring.

Most recently, Moreno lost a closely contested decision to Brandon Royval back in February, and prior to that he was defeated by Alexandre Pantoja, losing his championship status in the process.

While both of his most recent losses were both close split decisions, Moreno still feels that a break to regroup is necessary, but expressed that we have not seen the last of “The Assassin Baby”.


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“I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I’m putting in the work, I’m dedicated, but the results just aren’t there, and it’s very frustrating,” Moreno said in Spanish. “This is something that makes me very sad, but something that makes me who I am is that I always find a way to come back.

“I think with all the technical aspect things aside, I think I’m just tired. I’m tired of the media, the same questions, the vibe, the constant pressure. I don’t even think it’s a single moment anymore. I think it’s everything I’ve piled on my shoulders in the last few years. I’ve reached a point where my mind is stressed, and I just want to rest a bit. I’m not saying I’m 100 percent stepping away from MMA, but I do want to take a break to rest, be with my family and just be a normal person, be with my daughters, and just do new things.

“There are many things I haven’t done because I’m 100 percent focused on my training. I just want to rest a bit. This is by no means a goodbye. Just wait for me, have patience, let my body and my mind recover, and we’ll come back to do things well.”


Knowing when to rest and step away is key for high level athletes, and many have the problem of never knowing when to take a break. Many individuals feel that Moreno deciding to step away following two close losses shows a certain level of athletic maturity that is not overly common in fighters.

Moreno concluded by stating that he feels he needs to rest his body and mind, but still has his sights set on regaining the title.

At this point, all I promise is that I’ll continue fighting, moving forward, and I will find the right path to move forward. I’m going to do everything to pick myself up again. I want to do it, I know I can do it, and I’m going to do it. I’m going to be champion. I just need to rest my body and mind.”


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