Former UFC Champion Jon Jones Admits Avoiding Drug Test

Jon Jones has confessed to avoiding a drug test once.

Jones has a history of issues when it comes to drug testing. In January 2015, Jones tested positive for cocaine although he wasn’t punished as benzoylecgonine wasn’t banned out of competition by WADA. Jones did test positive for hydroxy-clomiphene and a letrozole metabolite in 2016. Jones blamed this on a male enhancement pill.

The big drug test with Jones was in 2017. After initially scoring a knockout victory over Daniel Cormier in their rematch, Jones tested positive for turinabol. Jones was flagged again in 2018 but it was determined by USADA that this was due to a pulsing effect rather than a recent ingestion.

There has been a war of words between Jones and UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya. Jones has insinuated that Adesanya is on PEDs due to a change in the shape of his pectoral muscle. Adesanya fired back at Jones over avoiding a drug test years ago.

Jones took to his Twitter account to admit that he was avoiding the test and he explained why.

“Brother explain your titty. I was hiding from Nevada State Athletic Commission, not USADA and that was years ago. I had just smoked a blunt and was afraid I would fail my test for weed. That’s the actual truth. Now everyone knows everyone.”

Jones is currently in the process of moving up to the heavyweight division. He’s hoping to either face Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight gold right away or meet the winner of a rematch between Miocic and Francis Ngannou.

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