Former UFC Fighter Jason Miller Addresses His Recent Arrest: ‘I Am Sorry’

Jason Miller, the former MMA fighter, has spoken about his desire to improve his life following his latest arrest. 

The former UFC middleweight had been apprehended by the authorities on a staggering 14 occasions since 2011. His latest arrest was in reference to a misdemeanor charge on August 30th, 2023, after Miller reacted to a fan who had approached him at a club at Sunset Marquis, West Hollywood. It is alleged that, after a cordial discussion, things escalated as Miller put the fan into a chokehold before security intervened to diffuse the situation. Miller was then reported to have left before the authorities showed up. However, he was arrested the next day after having returned to the area. But now that the dust has settled down somewhat, Miller admitted that he had been struggling in his attempts to turn his life around. 

“I thought I could smoothly transition from prison to the regular world, but things have been more difficult than I imagined, especially interpersonal relationships and the burden of being free. Maybe some of you can understand and empathize, but I don’t expect you to, or even care what happens to an old prizefighter.

“But all my personal problems have piled up, and I’ve fallen short of my own standards, therefore I am taking some time to work on myself. Until recently I viewed asking for help as something for the weak, but a very special person has shown me that the actual opposite is true; asking for help shows strength. Strength of character and strength of mind,” Miller

Those struggles have sadly left a mark on his legacy. After making his debut at UFC 52 against Georges St-Pierre, Miller resonated well with the fanbase, despite having lost via a decision. Thereafter, Miller competed in various formats, including Dream, Strikeforce, and the WEC. His UFC record stands at 23-10 and one no contest. Although there were talks of a comeback over the years following his last UFC fight in 2012, the return never materialized. And now Miller is simply looking to do right by his family. 

“My family has bore the brunt of my frustration and self-destructive behavior, so to them I offer a sincere apology and if I have directly affected you in a negative manner, I am sorry. More than likely, you’ve seen the sunny side of Instagram and figured, Mayhem is a bit whacky, but doing great. I haven’t. I’ve been doing horrible and I realize that now and I’m doing everything I can to change it,” Miller said

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