Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested, Suspected Of Killing Girlfriend

He could be facing a murder charge.

Phil Baroni has been accused of assaulting and killing his girlfriend. 

The 46-year-old UFC veteran was arrested on Sunday in San Pancho after he notified local police that his girlfriend, Paola, was unconscious in their hotel room at Jardín San Pancho Hotel. 

The report said that authorities found her without clothes but was covered with a blanket. It added that she looked to have bruises on her face and body. She had no vital signs when the police arrived. 

Baroni reportedly told police that he and Paola were smoking marijuana and drinking beer. His girlfriend then confessed that she had an affair with another man. 

Baroni told Paola to get in the shower, but she allegedly refused, which prompted Baroni to grab her and throw her into the shower, the former fighter said. She allegedly hit her forehead and then fell back, hitting her head again. 

Baroni apparently helped her up, laid her down on the bed and took off her clothes to cover her with a blanket because she was cold.  

He continued to tell the police that Paola asked him to get her a beer and cigarettes. When he returned, she was unresponsive. 

The incident is an ongoing investigation and Baroni potentially faces a charge of murder. He is being held at Juzgado Municipal Administrativo de Valle de Banderas.  

Baroni last professionally competed in MMA in 2019 with a loss to Sai Wang at Rebel FC 9.  

He competed under a number of promotions including Pride FC, Strikeforce, ONE Championship and, the most popular, UFC. In the early 2000s, he was considered a title contender for a brief period, taking on some of the biggest names in his era. 

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