Former UFC champion Junior Dos Santos Is Aiming For Significant Boxing Bouts

Former UFC Champion Junior Dos Santos aims for new challenges in boxing bouts, claiming that he is not another MMA guy who wants to make money.

There were many rumors of him signing in professional wrestling, but after leaving the promotion, he has many opportunities.

He talked a lot about his future in boxing bouts.

““Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury. I really believe at some point, it’s gonna happen. I’m gonna have a big fight against one of these guys and I’ll beat them up,” Dos Santos said. “I’m going into the boxing world, not just to try and be an MMA guy trying to do big fights and make some money. Everything I do in my life I try my best. I’m here to try my best and give 100 percent of me to get big achievements. Of course, my biggest goal is the be the Champion of the world.”

In his MMA bouts, Dos Santos used lots of boxing skills propelling him to earn many KO victories. However, he never tested his powers in a traditional boxing match.

Dos Santos suffered lots of KO losses and is already 37 years old, It’s valid to question how  many fights are left inside the former Champion.

It is very hard to predict how good he will be under Boxing rules against top boxers since it will be his debut. Experience means a lot, and MMA experience is different from boxing prowess. Nobody knows if big boxing names are interested in fighting former UFC champion, but as it sands currently we will find out who will be welcoming Brazilian inside the ring.



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