Former UFC Referee John McCarthy Gives Opinion On New UFC Gloves

The newly designed gloves made their debut this past weekend at UFC 302, but some members of the MMA community are not found of the change.

First to speak negatively about the gloves publically was UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, who successufully defended his title on Saturday versus Dustin Poirier while wearing them. Prior to his match, he expressed that he felt the gloves would lead to more cuts.

“The new gloves are very stiff. They will cause more cuts, as the previous UFC gloves were softer. These are stiffer. They don’t let you fully open your hand just to make sure the fingers don’t extend straight forward.”

Following his remarks, Former 185-pound titleholder Sean Strickland echoed his remarks, and does not seem pleased with the design whatsoever.


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“They suck,” Strickland said. “Can we talk to the person who designed these gloves? Have you ever been in a fight in your f*cking life? It’s like you get these f*cking dorks that have no idea. Like, this sounds like a good idea and they make it. Same thing with motorcycles. I’ve bought motorcycles and they put so much stupid sh*t on it. How did you assh*les think this was a good idea?

“So no, they absolutely suck. You dropped the ball on that one.”

Most recently, former UFC referee John McCarthy stated in an interview that he feels the design could lead to more eye pokes, and have the adverse affect the organization was hoping for.

“Yeah, they changed the gloves, they put a sensor in it. Great. They did carve down as far as the big blocky thing… I think for grappling, it’s better. They did not put in that curve that’s needed. Right now, when you put on those gloves, your hand is in a position where your fingers are straight-out relaxed.”

“You have to squeeze to make your fist, and when you unsqueeze your hand, automatically, your fingers kind of go straight. It needs to be where you actually have to work to straighten your fingers, that’s when you’re going to start getting away from the eye pokes and that’s what needs to be done.”

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