Former World Champion Felix Sturm Back In Jail

As per BILD’s report, Felix Sturm, a former world champion, has been sent to prison again.

Reports indicate that he has been sentenced to two years and four months in jail due to his involvement in tax evasion and breaking the anti-doping laws.

As recently as February 18th, 2023, the 44-year-old won against Sukru Altay in a disputed decision. However, soon after, he was taken into custody by authorities.

The origin of the sentence dates back to a ruling made in 2019 when Sturm was initially detained for a period of eight months.

Following this, he was handed a jail term of three years, which was subsequently shortened to two years and four months after an appeal.

Initially, he faced accusations of evading taxes worth 5.8 million Euros, but the amount was eventually decreased to one million Euros.

The doping allegations, on the other hand, date back to Sturm’s 2016 match against Fedor Chudinov. And given the severity of the offenses, things are not looking good for him.

And this was reflected in the comments that followed on social media.

Social Media Reaction

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