Four Time Penn State Wrestling Champion Carter Starocci’s Possible MMA Plans

While NCAA wrestling champion Carter Starocci plans to make a return for a 5th season with Penn State, it seems a future jump to MMA is not out of the question.

Starocci has achieved 4 championships with Penn State, now he has plans to be the first ever wrestler to earn 5 NCAA titles.

Bo Nickal, former Penn State wrestler and current 6-0 UFC middleweight, recent made a cryptic post to Instagram, which including an MMA training photo featuring himself and Starocci.


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A post shared by Bo Nickal (@nobickal1)

“Totally normal week of practice nothing to see here,”

-Bo Nickal via Instagram

Of course, this is only pure speculation at this time, but given the fact that Starocci has been taking advice from Nickal, who has had a very successful transition, speaks volumes to the situation. It does seem the NCAA champion will next look to make history with Penn State, but past that, we could very well see him shopping the North American MMA market to see what offers pop up.

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