Francis Ngannou Advises UFC Fighters To Not Speak Up For Him: ‘It Might Go South’

Francis Ngannou does not want other UFC fighters to speak up for him.

Ngannou and the UFC have had a complicated relationship. The heavyweight champion and his team have been negotiating for a new contract with a bigger payday and an option to box, but – as there haven’t been any updates of progress – they still seem to be at a standstill.

Many current and retired UFC fighters have vocalized their support for the Cameroonian fighter, but Ngannou advised them to do otherwise.

“It’s easy for people from the outside to just say, ‘Ah, we think fighters should speak’ or, ‘We think some people will support you.’ No, it’s not easy, bro, it’s not easy,” Ngannou said.

“If they speak out loud in some positions, guess what? Next day, they’re out. They don’t have any voice. They don’t have a chance to speak twice at all. So you kind of understand that, you kind of understand the situation.

Ngannou defeated interim champion Ciryl Gane in January by unanimous decision. UFC President Dana White was not present to wrap the belt around the champion’s waist, explaining that he had to handle something else.

White said, prior to the fight, that the promotion can discuss further on Ngannou’s demands if he were to successfully retain his title. It was Gane’s first ever defeat.

But Ngannou is now rehabilitating a knee injury that he reportedly sustained weeks ahead of the January fight. He is expected to be out for about six more months.

White has said the promotion will likely hold an interim title fight for the meantime – a move that previously offended Ngannou when they held an interim fight between Gane and Derrick Lewis in August.

“I know what it is, I’m inside. So, I can blame somebody and if somebody says, ‘Yes, I will stand by your side,’ guess what? I will tell him, ‘Don’t do that because it might go south and I’m not sure you’re gonna handle this. But I can take it. Could you? I don’t think so,” Ngannou added

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