Francis Ngannou Recalls The Time He Knocked Out Ciryl Gane ‘By Accident’

The hype between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane is increasing a lot.

And after footage leaked of their sparring session when they trained together at MMA Factory, everyone wants to know who got the best of who.

Ngannou said that he knocked out Gane during the sparring session with a high kick.

“Yes, I knocked him out,” Ngannou said. “(It was) a high kick, left high kick. That knockout wasn’t voluntary. It was in sparring. It was an accident. I didn’t intend to knock him out. I didn’t go there to knock him out.”

“Personally, it’s not something that I feel proud of. I don’t walk around and feel all tough because I knocked my sparring partner out or down or whatever. Usually, stuff like that happens in training, but it’s always an accident because we’re committed to taking care of our partner.”

Ngannou explained he spent a few sessions together back in January 2019 after he defeated Curtis Blaydes. He stopped in France and trained there for a month where Gane was training for his fight.

But during Thursday’s press conference, Gane argued this wasn’t true.

“This is not the truth,” Gane said.

“We did some sparring – and it was really great sparring from Francis. It was a beautiful left kick. The problem with Francis is he doesn’t like technical sparring – (he likes) to make power. … You gave me the left kick. You hurt me. You see? I’m honest – you hurt me. You hurt me. But you didn’t knock me down.”

Tomorrow night, they will find out who the best heavyweight is.

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