Frank Warren Blasts Don King For Bringing Him Into Daniel Dubois Lawsuit

Frank Warren is not happy with Don King, as he feels he name has been sullied by his long-term professional peer.

In a recent interview, the 70-year-old was angry that the American promoter named him as the reason why Daniel Dubois was yet to be paid.

Dubois, the heavyweight client of Warren, lodged a lawsuit against King recently for failing to pay him his entire purse for his title fight against Trevor Bryan on June 11.

“Did Frank lose my number?” King said in a statement. “He knows where to reach me.”

Added King, “I’ve never not paid a fighter and this is certainly not the case here.”

However, Warren stated that he had nothing to do with the transaction, believing that this matter is between Dubois and King.

“The money hasn’t been paid,” Warren told IFL TV. “There’s no ifs and or buts about this. This is what he (King) does. He’ll drag this out for years if he has his way. What should then [happen] if he doesn’t pay they should take away his license that’s if he promotes another show.

“They should take his license off him and I’m sure under Florida because the state commission is appointed by the government, it’s not like the Boxing Board of Control, which is a self-appointed body it’s a state-appointed body. I know they have legal means themselves to go about this. No one wants to go down that road. Just pay him his money.”

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