Frank Warren Discusses Potential ‘Step Aside’ Money For Deontay Wilder

Queensberry Promotions’ Frank Warren has given an update on how much it could take for Deontay Wilder to accept “step aside” money.

A former federal judge Daniel Weinstein ruled that Tyson Fury must face Deontay Wilder a third time by September 15. This has put Fury vs. Anthony Joshua in jeopardy. That bout was expected for August 14.

Appearing on BBC Radio’s Today Show, Warren admitted that Wilder would need a massive paycheck if he’s expected to allow Fury vs. Joshua to go on (h/t

“It will cost quite a bit of money. Until we reach an accommodation with Wilder’s people I can’t say the fight will definitely happen. But we are working hard to get that over the line. We were talking last night. If we can’t get it done Tyson will go to the fight with Wilder.

“They are the only two options. The arbitrator says that Tyson has a contractual commitment and he has to fulfill that. He is tied up legally. I expect common sense will prevail so we are going to try and make the fight between AJ and Tyson. That is the fight everyone wants to see.

“We are going to do our best to get it over the line. That is what everyone has been working towards for a long time now. There is a cutoff point when a decision has to be made and which direction Tyson goes in. I hope Deontay will accept less than $20 million.”

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