Frank Warren Gives Update On Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua Contract

Tyson Fury’s co-promoter is not happy.

Warren said that he waited until 11 p.m. last night for the contract for the Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua bout, but it never came.

“We turned the draft around in 36 days. It’s taken them nine days. Yesterday, they said they’d get the red lines back yesterday. We sat up until eleven last night, waiting for it. Nothing came.

“Delays happened, and Tyson, it’s not that he’s putting deadlines down. I keep explaining to him, and then nothing is coming through. How do you expect him to act?” Warren told talkSPORT.

“He’s training and wants to fight on December 3rd and wants to know who he’s facing. Fighters need to know who they’re boxing. It keeps dragging on unnecessarily. It should be happening now.

“Where is the contract? Get it signed. Where’s the phone call?”

On Thursday, Fury imposed another deadline on Anthony Joshua on social media and said that yesterday was the last day to seal the deal.

“Where do we start? The deadline was Monday. Frank Warren asked me and convinced me to let it carry on for another couple of days. Today’s Thursday, and even though I knew you wouldn’t sign this contract, I allowed Frank to continue doing meetings with your team and the broadcasters and all that, and now we have BT (Sport) and DAZN and ESPN all on the same page. They are happy with everything, they’re all happy, ready to rock n’ roll,” Fury said.

“You guys asked for a lot of stuff. You wanted to be co-promoters when you’re a voluntary challenger. Guess what? I said give it to them, let them be co-promoters. You wanted full transparency even though you are not an equal shareholder in this party. You know what I said? Give them full transparency, I’ve got nothing to hide, I’m not trying to rob anybody. I’ve never robbed anybody of a penny in me life. So now you’ve got full transparency, everything’s clean and fair.

“Now Joshua, the ball is really in your court, son. Everybody is done. If you’re a man and if you’ve got any sort of dignity and pride about you, you’ll get this contract signed today. This is it — there is no more days, weeks, months. You’ve had the contract now for over two weeks and you still haven’t signed it.”

Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, expressed how frustrated he was with the situation and said, “I’m not sure why Tyson Fury keeps setting unrealistic deadlines whilst offering the fight to a number of other heavyweights for the selected date.”

Before Thursday, Fury announced that he was moving onto Mahmoud Charr, and then, unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk came out and said that he and Fury are “negotiating” a bout for next year.

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