Freddie Roach: Ben Askren Will Knock Jake Paul On His Ass

Renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach thinks Jake Paul is in for a rude awakening against Ben Askren.

On Saturday night, April 17, Paul and Askren will go one-on-one. The boxing match will be held inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. This will be Askren’s first pro boxing bout.

Roach worked with Askren in preparation for the bout. While the two only got to spend one week with each other for training, Roach believes Askren will put Paul on the canvas. Here’s what Roach told

“I refer to Jake Paul as the ‘YouTube boob. I’ve seen video of him fighting and his press conference with Ben. It’s really hard for me to watch him too long. As far as his boxing skills, I think he’s a product of good matchmaking. To me, he acts like a celebrity trying to be a boxer. I told Ben that beating Jake Paul would be more than a victory, it would be a public service.”

Roach went on to say that while he doesn’t have a problem with celebrities entering the world of boxing, he feels Paul will be on the wrong end of a highlight-reel knockout.

“So far, they seem popular. If the fighters are making good money, I have no difficulties with these type of events. And if they expose boxing to a younger audience and that audience continues to follow the sport, then boxing has a chance to widen its audience. What’s wrong with that?

“I know one thing, when Ben knocks Jake Paul on his ass on Saturday night, YouTube will have itself a new most-viewed video highlight.”

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