The Friday Five: April 20th, 2018

  1. Adrien Broner’s Instagram War with Tekashi69
    Adrien Broner has once again found himself in the middle of controversy, this time he is in an Instagram beef with New York rapper Tekashi69.It began when Broner took to Instagram and claimed the gang affiliated rapper called the boxer a “clown.”Warning: Explicit Language.

    “Ey 6ix9ine, don’t be commenting no f*** s*** under my pictures, boy. Talkin’ bout clown… I’m about to pull up on you.” Broner said.

    Tekashi69 is now daring the boxing star to come see him when he touches down in Brooklyn.Warning: Vulgar language.

  2. Canelo Alvarez Suspended For Six Months
    At a hearing on Wednesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has confirmed that Canelo Alvarez will be suspended for six months, backdated to his first failed test in February. Per ESPN’s Dan Rafael the commission and Canelo’s legal team came to an adjudication agreement prior to the start of the hearing, and would be agreed upon unanimously (5-0) by the commission. Alvarez receives a one-year suspension, but for cooperating with the commission it has been reduced to six months, allowable under the rules of the NSAC.The suspension is retroactive to February 17th, the date of Alvarez’ first failed test for Clenbuterol, which Alvarez and his team have maintained was due to tainted beef.
  3. Joe Rogan Is Tired Of Conor McGregor’s Special Treatment

    While Joe Rogan may love Conor McGregor’s work inside the octagon, the comedian, podcaster, and UFC color commentator is disgusted with what happened at UFC 223 Media Day.Following the incident, which saw McGregor and over a dozen people invade Barclays Center to attack a bus containing Khabib Nurmagomedov, Rogan broke down his issues with McGregor getting special treatment on The Joe Rogan Experience.“I wouldn’t say it was a booze move, it’s more of a coke move. Or it could just be part of his act. What if that dolly hit the part where Rose was sitting and cut Rose’s face up?” Rogan said while speaking with UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson.
  4. Phil Lo Greco Embraces Being A “Troll”
    Phil Lo Greco knows he’s walking into the ring with a target on his back on April 21st, because he’s the one who put it there.

    The self described “biggest troll there is,” battles Amir Khan on April 21st at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. Lo Greco’s hoping to steal a victory and the spotlight from the former champion.

    The Canadian born fighter has felt the heat from Khan’s fans, but has decided to have some fun at their expense, by taking a page out of the late night TV playbook.

    “I’m a big fan of banter and don’t take online trolls seriously at all,” said Lo Greco in a conversation with FIGHT SPORTS.

    “At the end of the day its all fun and games until someone gets punched in the face.”

  5. Amir Khan Returns To The Ring

    Credit: Matchroom Boxing

    While Amir Khan is one of the biggest names in boxing, the same can’t be said for Canadian fighter Phil Lo Greco, who he’s facing on Saturday in a 150 pound catchweight fight after a two year layoff. Lo Greco had heavily campaigned for the fight on social media, and it paid off, getting him the spot as the opponent in Khan’s first fight for Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport.

    “Social media is the biggest way of getting your name out there,” Khan told FIGHT SPORTS.

    “Phil Lo Greco, he did it the right way. He went out there, called me out time after time, and before you knew it, boom, he got the fight. He’s not really got a big social media following, but he’s getting out there to where all the news people and all the people started talking about him.” What Khan calls “the right way” still heated him up to the point that he threw water at the Canadian after the latter made a comment indicating that his last fight—his loss to Canelo Alvarez—sent his personal life on a downward spiral.

    “After the Canelo loss you went on a losing streak – family, wife, and then you go out and tweet to the heavyweight champion of the world,” Lo Greco said in January, referring to a series of tweets from Khan saying that his wife left him for Anthony Joshua. “What is wrong with you, mate?”

    “Sometimes, you have to use your mouth, and he’s one who used his mouth, and look, he got the fight,” Khan explained.

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