Fury And Ngannou’s Rematch Clause – Here’s What We Know

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury reportedly has a rematch clause with Francis Ngannou.

On October 28th, 2023, Saudi Arabia will host the crossover boxing bout as Ngannou has his first-ever boxing fight against a world heavyweight champion. The fight has been criticized on the basis that a bout with Oleksandr Usyk could have been made. The heavyweight division’s last undisputed champion was Lennox Lewis when he beat Evander Holyfied in 1999. However, a 70-30 split for Fury was not enough to get the fight made. Therefore, a fight that is reportedly worth $50 million for Fury was chosen. And it appears that this could be the first of many after suggestions that there is a rematch clause.

“Yes, we want to see the undisputed title. Of course, we’re going to see it in this era. I do think we’ll see Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury meet next year when and if they both win their next couple of fights, which I think they will. I think Fury’s big favorite in this fight, but if he gets clipped by Ngannou, he’s got problems. Yeah, I understand; I can’t confirm absolutely; there’s a rematch clause, which makes sense, but fascinating event. It’s a real risk if he doesn’t take it seriously. Anything can happen in a fight. Expect the unexpected,” Gareth A. Davies
However, the terms of the rematch clause are not exactly clear. Ngannou has previously mentioned that a rematch is possible provided that he delivers come fight night with a victory.


“For that one [if I beat Fury] definitely [there is one]. That’s [if I lose] what I don’t know, we will see how it goes,” Ngannou

And yet, Fury’s prior comments have denied the existence of a rematch.

Regardless of whether it is a one-way-rematch clause or not, the potential for one will only push back any hopes of an Usyk fight even further.
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