Fury Blames Usyk For Wanting More Money As He Vows To ‘Annihilate’ Him

Tyson Fury has blamed Oleksandr Usyk’s financial demands for the breakdown in talks between the pair. 

The duo were close to agreeing an undisputed fight in April at Wembley after the Ukrainian agreed to a 70-30 split against him, despite being the unified heavyweight champion. 

However, the negotiations broke down, with both fighters firing shots at each other.

Usyk’s team blamed the Fury camp for their unreasonable demands, especially since the Ukrainian had more belts to offer, as a 70-30 reverse split for the winner was turned down.  

But given that Usyk has signed a co-promotional deal with Saudi promotional company Skill Challenge Entertainment, the Ukrainian is in the driving seat for any fight with Fury. 

Amer Abdallah of Skill Challenge Entertainment has stated that an offer will be made for the Fury fight.

However, the ‘Gypsy King’ has blamed Usyk for the current deadlocks, as he vowed to punish him in a future bout. 

Fury’s Comments

“The only reason this fight hasn’t happened is Usyk wants more bags, he wants more money. So, I don’t blame him for that because at the end of the day it’s a short career and it’s a business.

“So, it’s not a personal thing of ‘I hate Usyk’ or ‘oh my god Usyk didn’t fight me’, for whatever reasons.

“This is strictly business. Usyk is waiting for the big money, the $100 million he’s going to get from the Saudis for a fight in November or whenever it’s going to happen.

“But, when we do finally meet, I’m going to annihilate him, that’s a fact,” Fury

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