Fury Claims To Be More Popular Than Wilder In U.S.

Tyson Fury expects to see Deontay Wilder walk out of his November 23rd rematch with Luis Ortiz with the WBC world heavyweight title, but wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset.

“There are two men in a fight. Wilder has to get through his fight first injury-free and even win,” Fury said to PA Sport. “I think he should come through, but Luis Ortiz is a dangerous customer and is not to be overlooked or underestimated. For four or five rounds he is one of the most dangerous fighters in the world and he is a 6ft 4 southpaw who can punch hard.”

“I have already got more American fans than Deontay Wilder. For whatever reasons Deontay Wilder is not popular in America and people don’t like him,” Fury said as he prepares his pro wrestling debut on Thursday for the WWE in Saudi Arabia.

“He screams ‘bomb squad’ a lot and pretends to have a personality, but really he doesn’t and there is no depth to him. He has got no substance, he is a loud mouth and screams ‘bomb squad’ and that is it.

“Behind that there is no intellect, he comes out with random things that don’t make sense. I am a trash talker, but sometimes I struggle to put together what he is talking about.”

Report: Boxing Scene

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