Fury: ‘Deontay Owes Me Everything’

Before the big fight on Saturday, February 22, two of the most popular heavyweight boxers in the world got into it during the final press conference on Wednesday. Doentay Wilder and Tyson Fury started the event with some light dancing, but ended up shoving one another once the two used their words.

A man who is never shy to speak his mind, Fury (29-0-1) called out Wilder (42-0-1) on a variety of topics, including their first fight from 2018. Wilder knocked Fury down twice, but Fury got back up every time. The knockdown in the 12th by Wilder was a frightening visual, but it also created a moment where Fury rose up like The Undertaker, as if it was nothing.

While Fury commends the power and skills of Wilder, he has always highlighted that he has gotten up from “The Bronze Bomber’s” most lethal punch. It was a true highlight for Fury, and he believes that moment haunts Wilder.

“The 12th round of our first fight was a good round, and credit to Wilder, he got me with two of the best punches I have ever seen thrown in a 12 round heavyweight fight,” Fury stated. “As we have seen, that has become very famous, the ole’ knockdown of the Gypsy King was very active online and all over the world. But the thing Wilder must be thinking is, I hit that guy with my hardest punch in round 12, and he got up. What do I have to do to keep him down?”

Following that fight, the two became international sensations. Everyone wanted the rematch between the two to happen, but Fury went to Top Rank before negations could be complete. Both competed in two fights to warm up for their clash, with Fury sustaining damage thanks to a cut above his eye by Otto Wallin. After 47 stitches, the scar is still noticeable and fresh. While Fury knows that could be an issue, he is not scared.

“The biggest puncher who ever lived should have to problem opening my cut up,” Fury continued. “He could not keep me down in the 12th round, so now I want to see if he is able to get up off the floor. I don’t think he has the guts to get up.”

The first fight brought in a great profit, and so should the rematch. Advertisements are everywhere, from buses to the Super Bowl to even the presidential debate. Fury’s credits his magic comeback moment and his appeal as the reason for this, and Wilder should thank him for that.

“I gave Wilder the biggest payday of his life and brought him to the biggest stage,” Fury went on to say. “Deontay owes me everything, I brought him to this level, and this is his second fight at the top.”

Fury has previously stated that he will knock Wilder out in round two of their fight. If the fight was to last longer, however, he still doesn’t see it ending well for Wilder. Fury was able to land clutch shots to the body of Wilder during their first fight. If he adds onto his gameplan, while also keeping him busy, it may be an easy win for Team Fury.

“Wanting to go head to head with him is a bold move, but we fight fire with fire,” Fury said. “When I went at him in the first fight, though, he could not contain me. If I start doing that in round one, then he will be gassed by round five and hanging on for dear life, if he even gets that far.”

The rematch between Wilder and Fury is for the WBC, The Ring and lineal Heavyweight Titles. It will take place inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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