Fury: Hearn And Joshua ‘Speak A Lot Of Hot Air’

As we head to one of the biggest rematches in boxing history in Deontay Wilder v. Tyson Fury, many are wondering what is on the mind of the lineal champion. One of the most colorful fighters in boxing, Fury (29-0-1) is not one to shy away with how he feels. When it comes to the heavyweight boxing scene, he knows exactly what to say.

Fury was a guest on SB Nation Radio’s The Main Event with Jake Asman & Cody Stoots, talking about the fight on February 22 from inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. While Fury has become an international sensation from boxing, he has also dabbled in pro wrestling and even trains in MMA. Everywhere he goes he gains a new fan. Fury appreciates all that follow him on his wild and crazy journey.

“It has been absolutely fantastic,” Fury stated when talking about the fans. “All the support I’m getting from all over the world, America, Canada, I even have support from China and a lot of Eastern European countries as well. It has been fantastic, I love the load of support I’ve been getting from around the world. I’ve really been embracing it, taking it all in. I’m jumping out of the road and I got 200 people beeping me on saying ‘Go Champ!’, so it does help. Without fans in boxing, boxing doesn’t exist anymore. Without the participation on big fights and big events, then the sport would be long gone. That’s what keeps people into boxing, these big heavyweight fights, all fights. Undefeated champion v. undefeated champion, it is a fight for the ages. It is a modern day Hector and Achilles.”

The last time Fury fought Wilder (42-0-1), it ended in a controversial split decision draw. In round nine, Fury survived an onslaught of punches, and by round twelve, a miracle happened. Wilder knocked Fury down with a huge blow that would knock any normal man out. Fury miraculously recovered, however, and the fight went the distance. If you thought they grew from the fight, like brothers, you’d be wrong.

“Me and Deontay don’t have a relationship outside of boxing.,” Fury stated. “We only see each other when we’re boxing, that’s it. Apart from that, we are worlds apart. Two different people living two different lifestyles. We come from two different parts of the world, the total opposites of each other.”

Both Wilder and Fury have two fights under their belts since then: Wilder with two KO-wins over Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz and Fury with a TKO-win over Tom Schwarz and a close win against Otto Wallin via unanimous decision. Has Fury learned anything different since the initial fight?

“We made some adjustments,” Fury went on to say. “I’m looking for an early knockout this time. We are looking to get him out of there nice and quick. He’s a very dangerous opponent for 12 rounds, Deontay Wilder is. He’s one of those guys where he only needs to be perfect for one second. Those famous words by him, ‘My opponents need to be perfect for 36 minutes, I need to be perfect for one second.’ I can vouch for that so the longer the fight goes, the odds are stacked against you that he’s going to land one of those big punches. You want to get him out of there as quick as possible. I’m going to take it straight to him and knock him out. I’ve taken his best shot right in the chin and smiled back at him. I said, ‘Keep coming along, baby, those taste nice!’

One of the top fights to get done after Wilder v. Fury II is the winner against Anthony Joshua. Two+ years in the making, politics have always gotten in the way. During Super Bowl week, Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn spoke on SB Nation Radio’s The Main Event. During the interview he called Fury a “non-puncher” who talks like Muhammad Ali but doesn’t do a great deal when it comes to buys.

As a response, Fury wasn’t too pleased.

“You know what? I don’t really care what Eddie Hearn says because Eddie Hearn is a p***y,” Fury stated. “And I don’t even know if I can say that live on radio but Eddie Hearn is a p***y and and so is A.J. (Anthony Joshua). And if they have any nuts about them they’d have fought me years ago. We’re from the same country you know, and he’s been avoiding me for a long long time. He wasn’t man enough to step up and fight Deontay Wilder so he took an old fat bald-headed fella to come out of retirement, to stand up for his country, to stand up for his nation because they were getting made to look like clowns. So what Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua say you can’t really take too much from that. You know, they speak a lot of hot air and don’t back it up. I recently saw him get knocked out by an old fat fella, so don’t come and talk to the lineal champion about performing because you know he’s a hit and miss performer completely.”

When Fury fights Wilder, the WBC, The Ring and lineal Heavyweight Titles will be on the line. Joshua currently holds the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO Heavyweight Titles. A fight for all the belts would result in a true undisputed champion. While having the title would be nice, Fury doesn’t believe it means anything. The idea of bettering oneself is all Fury can really think about. Titles are just an incentive.

“All this talk of Undisputed Heavyweight Champion means nothing to me,” Fury went on to say. “I’m the Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the world. The belts mean zero to me. When I beat Wladimir Klitschko for all the belts in 2015, they didn’t keep me warm at night, they didn’t pay my bills, they didn’t make me feel better. I’m not really concerned on the belts. A belt ain’t going to define ‘The Gypsy King’.”

A win can prove that Fury is one of the best heavyweights of this era. In 12 years no fighter has taken him out. With six meals a day, breakfast the important one, and a number of training sessions, Fury is taking all the necessary steps to make sure he walks out with the win. He even pointed out to expect an even grander ring walk.

As far as how the rematch would go, Fury looked into the future and saw an interesting result.

“I’m going to come out sticking and moving in round one,” Fury said. “I’m going to land some heavy blows in round one. Deontay Wilder may be caught, may be wobbled, may be buzzed in round one. We’re going to come out in round two and take the center of the ring. I’m going to back him up, I’m going to overhand right-left up to the body, right uppercut, right hand, Deontay Wilder goes down, and he can’t get up! Eight, nine, ten, and the new Heavyweight Champion of the World, ‘The Gypsy King’, Tyson Fury.”

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