Fury: I Am No Challenger For No Man

One thing you may not want to do is call Tyson Fury a challenger. Even though the former world champion is technically challenging for Deontay Wilder’s WBC world heavyweight title, the British boxer wanted to clear that up during Monday’s press conference.

“Just a little correction there for you — I am no challenger for no man,” Fury told the host of Monday’s event from London. “I am the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. That means I’m the best of the best! The elite champion! So this is two champions colliding. I’m challenging for nothing or nobody. This is equal rights champion versus champion. SO REPHRASE AND START AGAIN, PLEASE! ‘CAUSE I’M NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU JUST SAID.”

When asked about his mindset into the fight, and if he’s savoring at the opportunity to fight Wilder, Fury quickly shut that down.  “Do you know what? I’m savoring nothing,” claimed the Gypsy King. “The only thing I’m savoring is smashing Deontay Wilder’s teeth in! That’s it! You know, I come here today, all the press has turned up, the world press is here! Showtime, BT Sport, UK and American press. They’re here to see the biggest fight of our generation between two undefeated giants — and boy you gonna get a fight! You’re in for a real treat, don’t worry about that.

“‘Cause I’m in the mood for no messy, and no running around rings and dancing from nobody. No 15 stone man, like I said before in New York, there’s not a 15 stone man on the planet that can beat Tyson Fury. And I will stand and prove what I will do to this idiot! I will punch his face right in, not a problem.”

Not one who is lost for words, Deontay Wilder came back at Fury, letting him know that he’s also looking to stop Fury on December 1st.

“I say I hit the hardest, I say I’m the baddest man on the planet — and I believe every word that I say,” Wilder said at BT Sport headquarters on Monday. “When I say I’ma knock a man down and I tell him where he may lay, and how he may lay, it comes to pass. So when it comes to Tyson Fury, I definitely — I’m all about devastating knockouts, that’s what I do!

“I already know what he’s thinking. He know he finna get knocked out. He know he is. So he can hoop, he can holler, he can build himself up, he can build the confidence, and he need to take my advice and speak it, believe it, receive it — it’ll help him out a lil’ bit more. He need to meditate on this situation because he gonna feel pain that he never felt before.”


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