Fury Looks Ahead After Loss

After a loss to Alexander Povetkin, Peter Fury is looking for his son,  Hughie, to gain a measure of revenge.

The youngest Fury faced off with the former world title challenger on August 31st, with Fury suffering his third career loss, this time via unanimous decision.

With Fury lined up for a fight in November, Povetkin may land against Michael Hunter on December 7th for the Joshua-Ruiz rematch, or on a November 30th card from Monte Carlo.

“We’ll be looking at Hughie fighting again in November and as a result of that fight we’ll then step him right back up and even down the line if we can get a rematch with Povetkin, if there’s enough in it, that would be fantastic,” Peter said.

After not being able to step-up in major fights against Povetkin, Kubrat Pulev and former world champion Joseph Parker, the eldest Fury feels his son has some tricks up his sleeve.

“We’ve been working a lot on the backhand but when he stepped up he can’t pull the trigger,” Peter discussed.

“At British and domestic level he can pull the trigger. When he’s up on the world level he can’t. Reassessing it he is an original left handed guy so I think he needs to have a look at it. He needs to work on the other side because he’s always boxed in the amateurs as an orthodox, and really he’s left handed and I think it’s come to the stage in his career where he really needs to look at that because the only time he had success with both hands, with Povetkin, was when he switched up on the inside and that was very few and far between.

“I’m happy with the performance (against Povetkin),”Fury continued. “He ticked a lot of boxes. Hughie’s had three fights where he’s had three losses but it’s not as if the guys have beat him up. Hughie’s only losing the fights because of what he’s not doing, not what the other guy is doing in front of him. He’s got a terrific future and there’s one thing we do know; he’ll fight anybody and he’s got a terrific chin. He’s probably got one of the best chins in heavyweight boxing.”

“He’s got to improve his skill set and get his shots off. So rather than waste time and put him in big fights, in case he does the same thing again, we need to build him as far as he is comfortable with his own body, his own stance and getting his shots off. That’s what we’ve got to look at with Hughie.”

“Let’s look at it in the cold light of day,” Peter said. “Hughie’s fighting at the top level with one hand. He’s keeping them at bay with the jab. He’s so good of a boxer, this kid, that he’s keeping these guys off him with the jab so you can imagine what he’s going to be like when he’s got two hands going! He’s only using one hand! It’s very frustrating. And all the criticism he gets from the public is justified. We know what we’ve got to work on so we’re going to work on it. But I am exceptionally confident we’ll solve the Rubiks Cube with Hughie Fury and away we will go once again.”

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