Fury Rules Out Facing The Best, The Focus Remains On Big Paydays

Tyson Fury has no desire to fight for the belts as the boxer made his intentions clear over securing the most lucrative fights. 

As we reported last week, Fury’s mindset of chasing currency over legacy was clear. An undisputed fight with Oleksandr Usyk ultimately failed to get made. This was despite the unified heavyweight champion accepting a 70-30 split. Instead, Fury chose to face Francis Ngannou as they will square off on October 28th, 2023. The fight will reportedly earn Fury $50 million. But if Usyk were to change his demands, Fury was willing to get back to the negotiating table. 

“If Usyk is a good little boy, he might be an option but if he isn’t, he will just be another foreign middleweight that stays out in the cold. I will beat him, and I won’t even look for a body shot either. I will knock him out with a chin shot if that fight ever happens. If he is a good little boy and takes a small percentage of the superstar’s money then he will get a fight. If he wants big bucks. If he wants a seat at the king’s table then you’ve got to play ball with the master,” Fury said 

And now Fury has doubled down on those comments by revealing his real intentions for fighting. 

“I have no interest in fighting those guys. I didn’t come back this time for belts, I came back to secure my family and I’ve done it,” Fury

Those comments are also more telling in light of suggestions that Fury does have a rematch clause with Ngannou. That would delay any hopes of a fight with Anthony Joshua and Usyk, as Fury is prioritizing bigger purses over belts. However, boxing fans did not take those comments well.


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