Fury Slams Joe Rogan, Jon Jones Calls Out The ‘Gypsy King’

Tyson Fury hit back at Joe Rogan after the latter backed Jon Jones to beat him in a hypothetical fight. 

Rogan’s comments were clear that if Jones and Fury were stuck in a room, then the former would come out victorious.

While that may have been the case, Rogan still acknowledged Fury was one of the best boxers out there. 

“You want to talk about who’s the baddest man on the planet? If Jon Jones and Tyson Fury are locked into a room, I’m pushing all of my chips on black. Tyson Fury is an amazing boxer – he doesn’t have a f***ing chance in hell of making it out of that room,” Rogan

Those comments did not sit very well with the ‘Gypsy King’, and he made sure that Rogan felt the brunt of it.

“I heard Joe Rogan say something about me, and I’ve been off all the social medias and didn’t reply to that little p****, little f****** midget, bald-headed midget. I heard him say that Jon Jones could f*** me up if we were in the room together.

“I don’t think so. Not a man born from a mother could f*** me up, in a room, on our own. Whatever happens in that room, I’d be walking out. Not a f****** problem,” Fury

But in order to put the conversation to bed once and for all, Jon Jones came out with a direct challenge to Fury. Meet him inside the Octagon to back up those words.

This is not out of the realms of possibilities as we have seen boxers cross over into the MMA world. Case in point Claressa Shields. The former beat Brittney Elkin on her MMAA debut. 

And for Jones he is ready to face Fury anytime. 

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