Fury: Social Media Doesn’t Paint Full Picture of Camp

While some consider his personality to be infectious and fun-loving, Tyson Fury says he’s focused and training hard in the lead-up to his February 22 WBC heavyweight title rematch with Deontay Wilder.

The two undefeated fighters battled to a controversial split draw in December 2018, with plenty feeling Fury deserved the nod despite being knocked down twice in the bout — including one in the 12th round that many consider a miracle Fury got up from.

In some recent posts on his social media, Fury may appear to be enjoying himself down in Las Vegas, where the original fight took place and rematch is set to be held. But he says social media doesn’t paint the full picture of what’s going on in his camp, and he encourages people to remember that regarding others’ social media posts as well.

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“Wow reality speaks truth”

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“On Instagram, it may seem like I’m living the dream in Las Vegas, with blue skies and palm trees, but in reality, I’m in a grueling training camp and it’s repetitive every day,” Fury said. “Instagram would make you believe it’s a whale of a time and I’m enjoying myself and everything is fantastic, but in reality, I’m being worked to the bone every single day.

“I’m being smashed session after session and I’m in the recovery pool because my joints are smashed and I need the recovery. Whatever you see on Instagram in other people’s lives that you’re trying to gain influence from, remember the grass is not always greener on the other side. Anything good in life comes from hard work.”

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