Fury Trolls Usyk, The WBC Champion Hints About Ducking Usyk In His Netflix Documentary

The WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has mocked Oleksandr Usyk’s response to the alleged low blow that he suffered against Daniel Dubois

The unified heavyweight champion hit the canvas in the fifth round, as there were serious question marks over whether or not the Ukrainian would have been stopped. However, to his relief, Dubois’ shot was declared a low blow. The rest was history as Usyk stopped the Brit in the ninth round. The result created a lot of tension, with many believing that Dubois was deprived of a victory. 

Regardless of what the case may have been, Fury trolled the Ukrainian by wearing his shorts high in the picture above. The positioning of the shorts was alleged to have been a key factor in why it was classed as a low blow. 

Is Fury Ducking Usyk?

While Fury’s comments may get under Usyk’s skin, the fact of the matter is that fans have been waiting for an undisputed fight between the two. And yet, Fury’s real motivations for not fighting Usyk may have been revealed in his Netflix documentary ‘At Home With The Furys.’

The talks over an undisputed fight have failed to result in a positive agreement. Despite Usyk agreeing to take a 70-30 split, the fight failed to get made in April at Wembley. The disagreements over the rematch split meant Usyk demanded the same split for the winner, while Fury was adamant on 50-50. However, the following comments suggest that Fury questioned the viability of facing the Ukrainian anyway. 

“Beating Usyk doesn’t do anything for me, who the flipping heck is he? Me giving Usyk a fight is like me not chucking him the bone, but chucking him the full dog’s home. 

“Everybody expects me to beat Usyk, a middleweight guy who is smaller than me. If he beat me it’s like, ‘Oh my god, he beat the mammoth who no one thought could be beat!’ I’m not going to give somebody the opportunity to gain that,” Fury

Those comments suggested that Fury was looking to avoid Usyk. After all, by doing so, the ‘Gypsy King’ would turn down the chance to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. And since this feat has not been achieved since 1999 when Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfied, fans were understandably very vocal on social media. 

Social Media Response

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