Fury Wants Ngannou In MMA – ‘I Think I’ll Smash His Face In’

Tyson Fury has vowed to beat Francis Ngannou in MMA. 

Their only meeting occurred in a boxing bout in October 2023 as Ngannou had his first taste of entering the ring. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion did better than expected, dropping Fury to the canvas in the third round. Despite making it to the final bell, Ngannou lost a split decision. His performance earned him a top-ten ranking by the WBC, as he secured the Anthony Joshua fight. Fury attempted to subdue ‘The Predator’ in the build-up for the Joshua-Ngannou fight. Ngannou responded by warning Fury over facing him in MMA. 

“I’m going to wipe the ring with your a*** again – there was blood in the ring. Your only chance is in the boxing ring with boxing rules, when you step out the ring you better stay five metres away because if I lose it, you’ll have a really bad time my friend. Respect the fact boxing rules are protecting you, because you are nothing in front of me. I’ll beat you every day, twice on Sunday,” Ngannou said

Fury has now responded, telling Ngannou he is ready to take him on in his sport. 

“Beyond boxing, after I’ve done [Oleksandr] Usyk twice and after I’ve… if he wins Ngannou, given him a good hiding, I wanna go in the cage with him with small gloves on. 100 per cent. Because he was chatting s*** yesterday about how boxing protects me. “I don’t think so. I think I’ll smash his face in, in a cage,” Fury stated


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