Fury’s Post-Ngannou Goals Include Topping Forbes And A Hollywood Movie

Tyson Fury is already looking beyond boxing as he outlines his goals following the Francis Ngannou fight. 

The ‘Gypsy King’ will face the former UFC heavyweight champion on October 28th, 2023. The crossover event did divide the boxing fanbase since it followed the breakdown in talks with Oleksandr Usyk for an undisputed fight. Nevertheless, from a financial point of view, Fury is reportedly getting $50 million. That revelation has been followed up very recently by Fury stating that he has no intention of fighting Usyk as the focus is on getting the highest purses. That is the goal that the WBC heavyweight champion has set himself along with a few other aspirations. 

“I’ve got new goals, so everyone’s f***ed. I want to top the Forbes list as the highest paid athlete ever for the year and I want to make a Hollywood movie. I’ve completed the ring game, it’s done, it’s f***ed. I’ve done everything there is to do, I’ve won every belt there is to win and I’ve been undefeated for fifteen years, a two-time undefeated champion,” Fury

Those comments may also signal the potential for Fury to retire from the sport. If fights against Usyk and Anthony Joshua are no longer on the table, then the motivation to carry on from a legacy point of view is not there. In addition, there is a also a chance that the WBC may strip Fury if he does not comply with any of his mandatory obligations as and when they arrive. And looking forward, Fury’s next targets are non-boxers which may make that become a reality. 

“Hopefully I get through Ngannou and then I either fight Ngannou in a cage or I fight Jon Jones in a boxing match. I’d go in a cage with Ngannou for sure, I’d let him kick me, I’d let him do what he wants to me, a full MMA fight. I’d knock him out and probably break his arm on the way too with an arm-bar, I’ll kick his leg and break it in two,” Fury stated

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