Gable Steveson Might End Up In MMA As He Takes The ‘Brock Lesnar’ Route

Over the summer, Gable Steveson made major noise in the U.S., and MMA promotions were rushing to persuade him to join them.

In the end, Steveson ultimately signed with the WWE, despite previously exploring opportunities with the UFC and Bellator. But, in a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Steveson said the door to MMA isn’t closed yet.

“There is a chance [that I don’t enter MMA]. There’s a chance of a lot of things, there’s a chance I do step into the MMA ring,” he said.

“I like to challenge myself in all aspects. The Brock route is what I plan to take right now, and I think that, just learning from him and learning his steps is gonna help me succeed to the maximum potential.”

Steveson most recently won gold at the NCAA Division I Championships for the second time earlier this month.

Over the summer, he went viral on social media after he snatched the gold medal for the U.S. in a comeback victory. He is regarded as one of the greatest collegiate wrestlers.

The 21-year-old has made it clear that he looks up to Lesnar, and has even met him once before.

Lesnar joined the UFC despite having no experience in MMA. He, however, was already a big star thanks to WWE and managed to have a somewhat successful career in the UFC.

At UFC 91, Lesnar claimed the UFC heavyweight gold in his fourth professional fight.

“There is that chance to step in the octagon and I think I’ll be really good with the right training, and the right support system around me. So I’m just gonna leave that chapter open and maybe we’ll write it, and maybe we won’t,” Steveson added.

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