Gabriel Silva, Son Of ‘The Spider’, Wins Kickboxing Gold

The Silva family continue to impress in all aspects of the combat sports world.

Gabriel Silva, son of the legendary Anderson Silva, competed in his fifth kickboxing fight this past weekend. At FightersRep 9 in Seal Beach, California, the 22-year-old went 5-0 in the ring following a round three TKO-win over Christian Williams. As a result, Silva won the ISK Southern California Middleweight and the FightersRep 165-pound belts.

Silva used moved similar to his father to taunt his opponent, then used a combination of kicks and lethal punches to suffocate him. The referee had no choice but to call the fight off. It felt like a mirror image of the days of when his dad dominated the middleweight scene from 2006-2012.

You can watch the full fight below, via FightersRep.

For now, Silva is looking to make an impact in the kickboxing world. There are reports that he could head to MMA full-time down the line, to follow in his fathers footsteps. Then again, he is looking to create his own legacy.

“To prove that I’m as good as my dad, that to me is, I wouldn’t say irrelevant, but it’s not something that crosses my mind,” Silva told MMAFighting in 2019. My dad built his history, and now I have to build mine.”

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